What is the ZenScape Eclipse?

It's a portal to another dimension you can hang on your wall! But seriously it's a piece of amazing interactive home decor. It is a disk measuring 0.50" thick machined from sustainable maple plywood, adorned with 100-300 LEDs (comes in 3 sizes), and topped off with a laser engraved acrylic mirror. 

The Eclipse LEDs are full color and brightness controlled, and since each LED is individually controlled it can display a dazzling array of patterns and colors. Most modes come equipped with the ability to change the color palette (Or leave it randomly changing) to suit your existing decor. We find that most customers just leave the Eclipse to its own devices and let it cycle through all of the modes. 

The on-board interface lets you change brightness, colors, modes, and turn the microphone on/off (Did we mention it's sound reactive?! Check the video below). The mobile application (coming soon!) will let you change all of these and more from the comfort of your meditation pillow. 

The Eclipse comes in 3 different diameters (12", 18", 24") but can be made in other shapes and sizes for custom orders. They work well in groups and we have a hard time choosing which to display, to solve this we made the acrylic cover magnetic! You can purchase acrylic mirrors separately and swap them out whenever your sense of style demands it.

We offer 3 different colors of USB cords to match your walls, the onboard battery will run the zenscape for 12-24 hours of continuous use (Depending on mode and brightness), or it can be plugged into the wall with the included adapter and run continuously.